70th Berlin International Film Festival, “Forum Expanded”

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This year’s edition of Forum Expanded featured three exhibitions of diverse dimensions, each in some way taking up questions of inclusion, decolonization, and accountability, and each with varying degrees of success. The largest of the exhibitions—mounted under the curious, apparently unironic title “Part of the Problem”—represented a strange grab-bag of a dozen works rather arbitrarily installed across the sprawling subterranean space of a former crematorium in Wedding called Silent Green Kulturquartier (which boasts, according to the organization’s website, “industrial charm”). From a rather arbitrary Chris Marker short film on a monitor—1970’s Calling from Paris: Maspero. Words Have a Meaning—to a densely footnoted, two-channel Forensic Architecture video installation tucked behind a curtain in a dark corner, the show made little effort to thread connections between works of political art that were, by turns, trenchant, goofy, oblique, and timid. via

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